A Better Way: Part 3


First of all, as you read my blog, you will find out that I enjoy pictures and color. My pictures and my font colors will change from time to time. So, with that said, your probably wondering where are we headed on this blog.
I’m pretty sure, if you have progressed to this point in reading my blog, that to many of you who believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible and attend an Institutional, organized assembly, the thoughts on meeting in homes will be a radical concept. I attended a variety of institutional churches over thirty-five years. If you would have presented these ideas to me years ago, I would have dismissed them as crazy even though in the back of my mind I wished that this was the way it should have been.
However, many of us have come to depend on the “traditions of men” that have developed over the centuries. We have become prisoners of a system that has been promoted over the centuries from the first century to the present day. I have some more quotes that you can think on as the days go on and I add more posts. 

Quotes to Ponder and Reflect On: Read Again

  • Santayana – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
  • Tertullian – “Custom (or Tradition) without truth is error grown old.”
  • Morpheus – “You take the blue pill, the story ends and you wake up and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”
There is another quote by Morpheus to Neo. I’m going to take a little poetic license and paraphrase this one. I’m inserting some words that I feel are appropriate for our understanding of the truth about the deception that has infiltrated the body of believers up to the present day.
  • Morpheus says to Neo:

“The traditional Bible-Based churches/Denominations are a system, Neo. “The system is our problem”, not the believers. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Pastors, Businessmen, Teachers, Lawyers, Carpenters, etc. They are the minds that you are trying to set free from the deception of the traditions of men and the early church fathers who set them in motion over the first four centuries of the Christian church, But until we do, these people are still part of that system, and that continues to make the traditional system our problem. You have to understand, most of these people have been fed “the error of human tradition” over their lifetimes and are not ready to leave. In fact,they are “hopelessly dependent” on the “current system.” They are “ignorant” of the facts” from the Bible and church history, so they will go to the “extreme” to “fight to protect” the “very system” that deceives them.” (Think closely about this last sentence in relation to your traditional church experience)

Take the time when you are alone to think about these quotes. Then, reflect on your Christian experience in the traditional body of believers in relationship to leadership structure, believer’s meetings, and church buildings. MY FRIENDS, DO SOME RESEARCH, PLEASE!

To Be Continued….

A Better Way:Part 2

Today, let me say that if I use an unusually strong tone ( or what some might perceive to be a strong tone), I want you to understand that I don’t have extreme anger for what is going on in the body of believers. I would have to say that it is more frustration than anything else.
We, as believers, are to be like the Bereans and thoroughly examine biblical teachings in search for the truth. I cannot stress enough the “importance of spiritual discernment.” Without it, we will only be able to see a partial picture of the truth that we should see.
Much of what I will be sharing with you in this post and future posts about leadership and believer’s meetings most likely will be unpopular, and, dare I say, considered to be spiritually incorrect by believers who attend Institutional Christian assemblies around the United States. I’m sure that it’s not this way to all these assemblies, but, from my experience ( I’ve had quite a bit of experience), it is in a majority of them. In fact, if you believe something other than their sacred cow of tradition” then most likely will be negative responses that might range from being argued with, attacked personally, might be considered divisive, might be shunned, asked to leave the church, etc.
(So Be Prepared !)
My friends, my firmest desire is to set a door of truth and freedom open before all of you that has been closed for many centuries. I want to help you discover the Father’s best so you can enter in and be blessed. It is my hope that you will be like the Bereans, and,I thoroughly expect that you will examine what I bring to you from the scriptures and other church history resource material.
I truly hold on to the hope that you as well as other believers will come to see that the leadership pattern and meeting in the home was the original intent of the Apostles and others throughout history. I believe that if Paul were alive today, he would agree and encourage every believer to be like a Berean, identifying”, examining”, and exposing” the current false basis of leadership as it is structured today as well as believer’s meetings in church buildings even though God’s work is being done through them. As the title of this post states, “A Better Way.”
To be Continued….





A Better Way:part 1

So, now that I have introduced myself and a little bit of my background, I’m going to dsc_0009move on. The flower on your left means that it’s time for a fresh start for the family of believers. A time to move away from the institutionalism of the past and present for,  as I have researched over the past years, this has been the stumbling block  that has kept the body of believers from true growth in Christ. Now, I’m not saying that the Institutional church has been totally ineffective for that would be a lie. However,we have lost site of the “Priesthood of All Believers” from what has developed over the centuries from the early beginnings of the New Testament Christian Body of Believers.

I want you to understand that I don’t have an ax to grind with the leaders of today’s Institutional body of believers. It is my sole desire to seek after truth as the Berean’s did during Paul’s time. I want to bring to you information that will shed light on what I believe was the original intent of the Apostles and the body of believers during the first century.

I want to add some quotes for you to think on as you read my posts over the following days to come.

“What is called Christianity today, and what has come to be called “the church”- has become a tradition, institution, and a system quite fixed, rooted, and established as ever Judaism was, and it will be no less costly to change it fundamentally than was the case with Judaism…a “very heavy price” is attached to the change which is necessary to really solve the great problem.”      T. Austin Sparks

For the most part, the churches that are in the world at present know not how they came so to be, continuing only in that state which they have received by tradition from their fathers (The True Nature of a Gospel Church, edited and abridged by John Huxtable [London, 1947], p.35).

“God’s house” must not be identified with any building, for this clouds the fact that Christ’s people are a “spiritual house.” The old covenant emphasis on places has passed away because the fulfillment of these types has come in a spiritual people (John 4:20-24).

“Change is nearly always difficult especially when it involves (Focus on these words) “Long-standing, deeply-seated traditions” that we have become accustomed to.”

“Just because people have believed something and handed it down through the years does not make it true.”

I’ll leave you with the following thoughts and questions until my next post.

Food for Thought Questions:

  • Do you feel guilty when you don’t attend “Church” or miss a couple of Sundays in a row? Ask yourself, “Why?”Tradition!
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when the “Church Service Format” is changed? “Why?” Tradition!
  • Do you feel that the Church building is the “sacred space of God or house of the Lord” “Why?” Tradition!

Two Key Questions:

  • Why would believer’s meetings that were held in the home during the first three centuries of the New Testament where everyone participated be good for the New Testament believers, but somehow unworkable for those throughout the centuries as well as us today?
  • Ask yourself, “How can close relationships develop with other Christians if you only meet for two hours on a Sunday and those two hours are taken up with singing, sermon, announcements, etc.” Relationships that develop in the Institutional body of believers are the exception, not the rule.

My Purpose Is Threefold:

  • To study about Christian Church history and the influence of some of the early believers during Paul’s time, and theEarly Church Fathers in discerning the truth about leadership, believer’s meetings, and church buildings.
  • To truly see how The Traditions of Men have been accepted by many believers as concrete truth.
  • To encourage you to return to The Simplicity of First-Century Christianity and meeting in the home.

First, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but for me, when I discovered and examined the truths based on research from the scriptures, church history, and Greek Language Word Meanings, I felt as if a door of freedom had been opened to me.

An Introduction To The Simple Truth Blog

 Hey, my name is Pete Horvatin and the first thing I’d like to do is tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been married to my sweet wife  “Bernie” for forty-three years and I have two grown, adult children and seven grandchildren. My wife and I have been believers in Jesus Christ as our Savior for all of our married life. In fact, my wife was instrumental in bringing me to faith. We have been members of a variety of denominations throughout our married years, i.e., Wisconsin Synod Lutheran, Southern Baptist, Assembly of God, and a few other non-denominational Bible-based churches.

     Let me help you with the “why” of this blog. 

     A friend, of my wife and I, was talking with our former pastor and asked him, “how do you address the needs of seniors in your congregation?” He told her, “we really don’t, they kind of fall through the cracks. When the friend told us that, it really started me thinking that in the body of believers something is drastically wrong. It’s about relationships right? It’s about a close-knit group of believers sharing their lives together and making disciples right?

This little story started me on a course of research and discovery of and for the truth about the traditional body of believers and the system that that we had become a part of. My desire was to meet in the home as the First-Century Christians did. I truly saw a simpler way and couldn’t understand how it got to this point. However, the truth is, “I wasn’t looking for it.” I was following the leadership because I trusted that they knew what they were teaching us. It has taken a number of years now to understand how the believers have come to this point and I never really have established a home fellowship. However, I’ve only switched gears, and I haven’t given up on my faith in Jesus as my Savior. What I am striving for as I run the race is to convey the original, simple truth of the Gospel and the priesthood of all believers.

As I write today, you may be curious or for whatever reason you have come to read my blog posts, I can just about guarantee that if you come from a traditional believers background and mindset, as you read, you will experience a variety of emotions. You may not believe me at all, feel shocked, offended, angry, feel attacked, feel defensive, feel I’m being divisive, you may even close out my website.

However, I seriously believe some of you will be pleasantly surprised and feel that “someone finally understands how I’ve felt all these years about the reality of “going” to church and meeting with other believers”.It is my prayer that I will not cause division among brothers and sisters in Christ (even though some of you may see it that way), but as the Apostle Paul said in Ephesians 4:25 we are to “put off falsehood” and “speak truthfully” to his neighbor for “we are all one body”.