My Story:Transition from Institution to Home


      Hmmmmmm….First, let me simply share with all who will be reading this story about me growing away from the Institution of church. I do believe in Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I do not neglect reading and studying the Bible, God’s word, and I do fellowship with other believers. With that said, “we’ll move on down the road.”

It all started when a friend asked our pastor at the time, “how do you meet the needs of seniors in your congregation?” He said, “Well, they kind of fall through the cracks.” When our friend told us this, it really started me thinking, “something is drastically wrong in the body of believers!” “It’s about relationships right?

     So, our friend suggested that we start a home church. Great Idea! I wish I could paint a rosy picture and say “God had the perfect timing, everything fell int0 place,  and we were able to start a spiritually thriving home fellowship. However, the reality is I was riddled with guilt about leaving the Institutional church on the one hand, and on the other, I was pressuring myself about what I should be doing to start a home fellowship.

     Really, these events were triggers that set the wheels in motion and pushed me on to research the truth about the Institutional church and its underpinnings. Let’s just say that what I discovery, again, was shocking on the one hand, but not too surprising on the other. The institutional body has developed into a system cloaked in the “traditions of men.”

    So, where am I today? Do I attend a home fellowship?, nope, but I wish I did. Do I fellowship with other believer? Yup! Will a home fellowship be in my future? God only knows what the future will bring, but it is my prayer.












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