The Original Way:Examining Leadership; A Continuation

dsc_0016 Again, we are going to visit the subject of leadership. I wanted to share with you a little anecdotal story that ties to my previous post as well as showing us how satan can so easily throw mankind off track and no one has been the wiser. He used others inside the church and the Early Church Fathers to deceive the Christians of their time. This didn’t and hasn’t happened to all believers because there has always been a remnant that was not taken in by these false teachers.

How to Catch a Rat:

     A grandpa’s grandson had a chicken coop that was invaded by rats. Attracted by the feed, they had moved in. He asked for his grandpa’s help and they set out a couple of traps. After a week, they had not caught a single rat. A farmer friend came by and offered some advice. “No rat”, he said, “Will touch an exposed trap. You’ve got to disguise it with food. Fill a pan with meal and place a trap in it. Cover it well with meal so it is completely hidden.” It worked! The next morning they had a big, fat rat.

      All this is a reminder that the devil knows this trick all too well. He has used other believers and the Early Church Father’s “man-made traditions” to deceive and drive a dividing wedge between all believers. He took that error and hid it under religious “things” like ceremonial rituals like church services, sermons, titles, authority/power, etc., etc., and in turn, it became the foundation for the Catholic Church. The Institutional Protestant Church has fallen prey to the same man-made traditions as well and continues them today.

     Mainly, the reason for sharing this information is to demonstrate that we, as believers, have ignorantly taken on, carried up to the present day, and adhere to the same burdensome traditions and legalism of the Early Church Fathers. We ourselves have unnecessarily placed a yoke of slavery on our own shoulders and, it seems, we like to carry it on because we think it should be this way. However, it truly is out of ignorance and not based on the truth done from researching the subjects.

To Be Continued….






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